Monday, June 18, 2012

SharePoint 2010: April 2012 CU (Update)

So a new CU came out a couple of weeks ago. I've been installing the April 2012 CU in Mid-May on one of my test servers. Since then I noticed some bugs and searched the web for other problems.
Well, the list is not that long, but long enough to mention. It prevented me to update our server used by our customers. Here are some good articles about the original CU version:
- SharePoint April 2012 CU: This hotfix package is no longer available due to a technical problem
- April 2012 CU causing problems with incoming e-mails in SharePoint 2010

An here is the new version:
Including the changes:
UpdateA recent, isolated issue was discovered in the SharePoint 2010 Products April 2012 Cumulative Update that could result in an HTTP 500 error when users delete objects to include documents, lists, and Webs and a new  object is created using the same path where the original object remains in the Recycle Bin. The following packages were affected:

KB2598151 - SharePoint Server Package
KB2598152 - Project Server Package
KB2598321 - SharePoint Foundation Package
KB2598304 – Wss-x-none.msp

This issue has been resolved in the revised packages. The revised packages include support for resolving issues related to the originally published updates.

Products Affected
SharePoint Foundation 2010
SharePoint Server 2010
So... Does this fix my problems? Well, stay tuned. I'm installing right now.

*edit 6/19/2012*
I found another really interessting post about the April 2012 CU: April 2012 Cumulative Update – All Changes

But back to my problem: I wasn't able to send emails to a list, in my case a document library. After installing the new CU, I still wasn't able to do so. I had to implement that fix, posted above, again. Which is, in my opinion, a really bad solution.
I'm still hoping for an update that will fix that problem. Do you hear me Microsoft?

Monday, June 11, 2012

SharePoint 2010 Tags & Tag Cloud for Blogs

I wanted to have a nice little Tag Cloud for a blog which is used within the company I'm working for. I searched a bit on how to make this happen. To be honest I thought it would be easy, like here on or some similiar systems. Oh my gosh have I  been wrong.

My first wild guess was to use a Term Store, but that didn't work out, since I wasn't able so far to use it on every site on this blog. If someone knows how this could work, please post a reply to this post.

What now? I want that Tag Cloud and I want it know!

Let's approch this in a different style using a new feature in SharePoint 2010. Well, new for me. Open a blog post and take a look at your ribbon, you'll find a nice little button there:
Click on "Tags & Notes", a new window will pop up:

Enter your tags, they will be displayed in this little box and you will get a notification below and also on your MySite if activated.

But how can other people see these tags on the blog? 
We just use a little webpart called "Tag Cloud". Go back to your blog und edit the page, search for this web part:

Add this to your site and edit the properties. Choose to display all user tags:

This may take a couple of minutes until they get displayed, so don't worry like I did. And that's how you get your little own Tag Cloud.