Monday, June 11, 2012

SharePoint 2010 Tags & Tag Cloud for Blogs

I wanted to have a nice little Tag Cloud for a blog which is used within the company I'm working for. I searched a bit on how to make this happen. To be honest I thought it would be easy, like here on or some similiar systems. Oh my gosh have I  been wrong.

My first wild guess was to use a Term Store, but that didn't work out, since I wasn't able so far to use it on every site on this blog. If someone knows how this could work, please post a reply to this post.

What now? I want that Tag Cloud and I want it know!

Let's approch this in a different style using a new feature in SharePoint 2010. Well, new for me. Open a blog post and take a look at your ribbon, you'll find a nice little button there:
Click on "Tags & Notes", a new window will pop up:

Enter your tags, they will be displayed in this little box and you will get a notification below and also on your MySite if activated.

But how can other people see these tags on the blog? 
We just use a little webpart called "Tag Cloud". Go back to your blog und edit the page, search for this web part:

Add this to your site and edit the properties. Choose to display all user tags:

This may take a couple of minutes until they get displayed, so don't worry like I did. And that's how you get your little own Tag Cloud.

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