Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SharePoint 2010: SQL Server was not found after moving database

Another really entertaining error I got this week while using "Configuration Wizard", was this little gem:
Failed to register SharePoint services.
Now you might think: Wait a second! We already have a solution for that!
I thought so too, but after closer inspection of this error, I realized: My SQL server was missing! Well, not excactly missing, because he was running.

The scenario I encountered was this:
I had to switch my development system, got a new server name and forgot so stop every service and cut loose all ties between SQL and SharePoint. And I also made the mistake to transfer every database from my old system to my new system.

The solution:
Open "SQL Server Management Studio" and rename your existing SharePoint config database. The Configuration Wizard will now search for the old name, but will not find it and prompt you to create a new database. Problem solved.

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