Thursday, October 24, 2013

SharePoint 2013: Request Management

Yesterday I posted about the Distributed Cache and that I got frustrated with it. So I disabled it on one server. Turns out, it wasn't the smartest idea to simply shut the service down.  Yesterday night I saw a lot, and I mean A LOT!, errors like this one:

This does not sound good. I checked the Webapplications from the description, but they worked fine, as far as I can tell. Problem is the Service "Request Management", which is still running.
I stopped the service the service, did an IIS reset, waited a couple of minutes and checked the EventLogs again. I got one last message per Webapplication, like this one:

I'd say it works. If I encounter any more problems, I'll post on my blog and share this information. Until then my farm finally works without major issues.

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