Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SharePoint 2010: Create a custom view for a survey

I had a funny little problem: Show specific results from a survey without using jQuery, PowerShell or Excel. Sometimes I wonder how people come up with those problems, but they do. So how did I fix this?

First thought: Of course! A custom view. Yeah, sounds about right, with a couple of filter options and what not. BUT: There is now way of creating a view. The buttons and links are missing. Thanks, exactly what I needed.

To get around this, you just have to use a little bit of magic:
1) Go to the settings page of your survey and copy the link from the addressbar:
2) Now we just use this link und survedit into viewtype: http://DOMAIN/SITE/_layouts/viewtype.aspx?List=LISTID
3) Create your view

Well, that was an easy problem for once.

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