Friday, February 26, 2016

SharePoint: Get Quotas via PowerShell

I wrote a little script to get Quotas of specific Site Collections.
First of you will need this file:
This will simple accept an array of Site Collections. Simply add the Site Collection to the array like this:
$siteCollections = ("", "")

This file will call a function in the module: It is important to not that you should not edit the existing code, because otherwise it might not work. It is also designed in a way, that you can call this module / the function included in any other .ps1 as long as you provide the parameters needed. In this case it is simply a list of Site Collections.
I think is pretty self explaining, but just a few word:
- If the Quota is 0, then there is no Quota and you will get the message "no Limit"
- If you storage is 0, no files or data is stored
- If the Quota is greater than 0 and the storage is greater than 0 you will a usage in percentage

At the end you will get a .csv called "SCQuota.csv".

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